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CRM shouldn’t stop with the closed sale!

When was the last time you had a good customer onboarding experience?  What I am referring to is the period just after a sale is transacted and the sales staff is off hunting the next big game.  I struggle to remember one personally but really believe this could be the secrete sauce as they say to building that customer loyalty and brand we all strive to achieve.

In this week’s blog I want to provide some onboarding suggestions to all organization utilizing a CRM platform today.

Define a 12 month onboarding process.  Some initial ideas below to consider:

  • Initial thank you communication with key entry level resources a new customer could benefit from such as customer service phone numbers, training resources and links to FAQ’s.
  • 30 day out survey to gain understanding of customer experiences.
  • Drive to strengthen your customer community!  60 day out communication sharing information on user groups and customer conferences.
  • 90 day out communication on additional value add services or products that your customer might have an interest in.  This step should be followed up with a phone call to gain critical customer feedback/experiences.
  • 6 month touch point to request customer reference and written case studies.
  • 9 month communication to provide notice on any possible renewal fees or warranty expirations.  These notifications should land once per month for the remaining 90 day period of the first year.
  • 12 month customer loyalty thank you letter with relevant new product enhancements and upgrade options.

Once you have agreement on #1 move to the Process automation  phase.  This should be a fairly standard feature with most CRM systems out of the box so why not use it?

Incorporate social CRM channel feedback in your process.

Always include your extended value add channels in your process.  Many organizations leverage an extended support, delivery or implementation channel to insure their products or solutions are delivered.

Be prepared to make adjustments!  Defining the process for customer onboarding is important but always question the process and how your organization through social CRM feedback can improve on the model.

Incorporation of these ideas and others provided through the resource links below will help create a recipe for driving your company in the right direction around good customer onboarding & long term loyalty!

–          Tracy

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