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Dear Santa all I want this holiday season is Social CRM!

Now that we are past Black Friday and Cyber Monday it is time to make sure our holiday lists are in check.  This year I am thinking about asking Santa for a social CRM for dummies book!  

If you are like me and the rest of my customers the topic of social CRM is a bit overwhelming to say the least.  It seems like everyone has an opinion or tool but so few responses I get are consistent around this topic. 

I am finding that so many companies have existing CRM systems and are monitoring social activity but the two systems are horribly disconnected.  I am also seeing customers confuse the topic of social internal collaboration with external social CRM!

During this week’s blog I will try and take a stab at a social CRM for dummies narrative around this subject with hopes that I do not get any coal in my stocking!

Definitions of “Social CRM”:

Why you and your company should take action:

  • Competition is already dabbling with it and some are doing a great job.  3 Examples of Stellar Social Media Customer Service [Mashable Awards]
  • A number of your current and potential customers are already very active in social channels today.  Buyers are becoming savvier with their research and listening channels when executing on the buying process.
  • It can be used as a differentiators vs. competition within your sales, marketing and service organizations.
  • Fuel and provide direction for your research and development of existing and future offerings.
  • Can keep you in touch with the moves your competition is making.
  • Help your marketing and public relations team build and maintain relationships with industry influencers.
  • Drive your company’s service, sales & marketing alignment .
  • Aid your sales organization in moving from a sales 1.0 to sales 2.0 model which is about merging the best practice methodology with the best technology that accelerates the sales process.

What your focus should be as you get started:

  • Building a social CRM steering committee with representation form all key areas of your business.
  • Securing an enterprise wide top down commitment to social CRM.
  • Establish tangible goals and work to develop an ongoing ROI model.
  • Defining the processes you will put in place to insure you can leverage the information coming at you.
  • Development of a social playbook for all to leverage.
  • Ensure your organization is also set up in all relevant channels.
  • Selection of the right CRM platform and social media monitoring tools that will enable the automation of the processes. 

I am not suggesting that organizations need to throw out current CRM platforms as long as your vendor or implementation partner is providing a roadmap, processes and tools.  As the social CRM topic matures so will the social CRM add-on solutions to existing vendor platforms.  One great example of a social activity dashboard provided by an established CRM vendor can be found here. 

Incorporation of these ideas and others provided through the resource links below will help create a recipe for driving your company in the right direction around social CRM!

–          Tracy

Resources links – Altimeter Report: The 18 Use Cases of Social CRM, The New Rules of Relationship Management,  Social CRM World (SCRM),  Must Read Social Business ( SCRM + E20 ) Blogs,  Social Media ROI for DummiesThe 3 Threats to Social CRM & Social CRM Group on Linkedin