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Business Reasons for Upgrading Your CRM System

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Business Reasons for Upgrading  

Dynamics CRM 2011 has a long list of added features that make it a desirable upgrade for a company currently on a previous version of Dynamics CRM. While these features are meaningful and easily digested by technology professionals that work with CRM, it can be more difficult to communicate the advantages of an upgrade to C-Suite executives so that budgets are approved.

The following list represents core benefits that can be communicated to executive level staff in a way that will resonate with them.

Sales Goal Management

Sales leaders and individual sales professionals now have the ability to set and track sales activity metrics.

Dashboards & Charts

Default dashboard views for each user can be defined at an organization level. Each user has the ability to configure unique dashboards for their use. Charts can be added throughout the application to provide a graphical representation of data.








Tracking changes on company, contact, prospect and other data in CRM is native. This contributes to user adoption and advances the reality of a “one view” of all corporate client data.

Simplified System Ehancements

The forms in CRM are now easier to enhance and the time to implement needed functionality is reduced. This is an improvement on existing functionality so that the system can be configured as business needs change.


The Processes “Dialog” feature provides interactive guidance to each professional as they use the CRM system. This guides users through the completion of tasks in CRM.

Client Record Ownership

Multiple professionals across multiple divisions can be assigned as account owners to a single client. This will better define what business divisions have ownership related to a client relationship.

SharePoint Integration (Document Management)

SharePoint 2007/2010 integration is a standard feature that can be used to share documents that need to be accessible both SharePoint and CRM.

Field Level Security

Individual records through the system can be displayed or hidden based on business division, group or individual permissions.

– Tim Thorpe

A special thanks to guest blogger Tim Thorpe who is the Director, Global Marketing & Communications at Black & Veatch Corporation based in Overland Park, KS.  You can reach Tim at + 1 913-458-8415 or via email at  More about Tim can also be found at his About.Me site!

Note.  Special thanks to Jon Strand for the original comprehensive list that these topics were drawn from. You can visit John Strand’s blog here.